Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Evangelia and my nationality is Greek. At this time I am trying to accomplish my main goal, which is to get a bachelor’s degree in Communication with specific interest in Advertising at the American College of Greece.


I am a really outgoing and sociable person. I enjoy going out for a walk, for a drink with my friends, attending parties and eat at restaurants. The thing that I like the most when it comes to drinks is to taste new ones and adapt to new trends. My favourite drinks as you may assume are cocktails.

Drinking a cocktail is not just drinking alcohol, it is about the magic flavour that offers you and the variety that exists out there. You may go to a place or engage in a conversation with someone and discover a brand new cocktail that you have never heard or tasted before. We all have a favourite drink that may not change easily, but when it comes to cocktails because of the variation that exists flavors and tastes it is difficult to conclude to only one. Do you agree?

But what is so special is the that each season fits with different cocktails. This blog will give me the opportunity to share with you the research I have made so far as well as my experiences too. Hope you have a great time in my small community.

About my blog now..

So my blog will be about cocktails, specifically seasonal cocktails. I used the name Cocktail Freedom because i believe that in some way they offer you a freedom in terms of flavour and in terms of the different weather that you can choose to enjoy them.

I intend to offer in my blog categories which each one of them will serve a guide to your preferences regarding:

  • Recipes for: Autumn cocktails
  • Recipes for: Christmas cocktails
  • Recipes for:  Spring cocktails
  • Recipes for: Summer cocktails
  • Recipes for snacks that fit with these cocktails

Please bear in mind that each seasonal cocktail recipe that will be uploaded, will correspond to the relevant season of the year. So please check the post date, in order to identify the seasonal cocktail that you wish to enjoy. I will also categorise them as the seasons pass.

My purpose is to share with you what has fascinated me and what I believe will interest you the most. So enjoy the Cocktail Freedomness!!!


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