Apple+Bellini= Freedom

Searching for cocktails during Autumn is about searching for seasonal fruits also. Since we are in the heart of this season we may not have the summerish flavours, but magical one’s exist too.. So go to your nearest grocery store and supply yourselves with apples (both green and red ones).

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I can’t imagine my life without apples. In my opinion apple is the most dominant  and healthiest fruit of this particular season. If you love this fruit then it is impossible to resist the magical flavour of the Apple Bourbon Bellini cocktail.This cocktail is a combination of apple bourbon and a homemade apple pure. Tell me can you feel the taste already? Apple Bourbon Bellini is more sour than the average Bellini but it still manages to deliver a sweet seasonal taste.

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The tip I will give you is to surprise your friends or partner by preparing them this cocktail. This will make you release the freedomness inside your spirit. Relax and appreciate the magical taste it will offer you. Don’t waste your time, go and make the Apple Bourbon Bellini and impress people with your authentic skills and the cocktail’s magical flavour. (If you are having a Fall party even better!). Make the Apple Bourbon Bellini your favourite seasonal drink!

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Here is a recipe I found.

Ingredients that you need: 

3 apples, cored and cut into wedges
1-2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
6 ounces apple bourbon, such as red stag
1 bottle prosecco, (you’ll have extra prosecco left for more drinks)

Guidelines to follow for the cocktail’s preparation: 

1)Put the apples into a blender or a food processor with the water, sugar and lemon juice.

2)Blend until smooth and transfer to a small bowl.

3)Place a heaping tablespoon of the apple puree into the bottom of each champagne flute.

4)Add 1 ounce of apple bourbon per glass, then top with the prosecco

Now you are ready!!! For any further explanation, don’t hesitate just ask me, I will help you  with anything you need. Share with me your experience. Any helpful insight will be appreciated and I will make the best out of it. Enjoy…

“If you enjoy my cocktail half as much as I enjoy making it, I’ve WON”

Stay tuned for the next seasonal flavour!!


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