Autumn Fruit-Infused Bourbon Thanksgiving Flavour

I don’t believe the weekend has already finished. Since it is the 20th of November, remember that Thanksgiving holidays are just around the corner. Have you made any great plans? So i will offer to you a cocktail recipe I found for this specific occasion.As I was at the students lounge at my university yesterday, I… Continue reading Autumn Fruit-Infused Bourbon Thanksgiving Flavour

Autumn Cran-Orange Margarita Freedomness

Cocktail freedom friends, I know it’s Monday but come on try to begin your week with a happy mood. Be optimistic!! So as far as you know me, I am continuously trying to find recipes for distinctive cocktails. This time I will try to deliver to you a natural and as healthy as possible cocktail. I… Continue reading Autumn Cran-Orange Margarita Freedomness

Dainty’s Cranberry Gimlet Freedomness

Hey guys how are things going on? I know it’s still Wednesday but I was really thinking of having a small gathering at my house on Saturday. I want to impress my friend by offering them a magical flavour cocktail that they will never forget. What I was wondering about was the kind of fruit that… Continue reading Dainty’s Cranberry Gimlet Freedomness

Choose your magical flavour: Pear or Raspberry?

Vanilla, Pear and Voka Cocktail Freedomness Hello there! I am trying each time to post a cocktail with a totally different taste. Also my goal is to share with you as many different magical flavours as possible so you can have a variety of choices. Today I will help you prepare two identical cocktails with… Continue reading Choose your magical flavour: Pear or Raspberry?